Answers To Your Questions

How do I know if therapy is for me?

Change can feel scary, are your ready for that change?

Individuals choose to seek therapy for many reasons, to name few, difficult life transitions, conflict resolution, processing traumatic events, personal growth, looking for deeper meaning and connection. Therapy is for anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their life. Therapy requires work both during and outside of session for a successful therapeutic outcome.  It takes a willingness to look within yourself and take accountability to make the change you desire for your life. 

How long does therapy last and how frequently?

Change takes time. 

I recommend a minimum of three months attending weekly appointments. Length of time spent in therapy depends on what brings you to therapy. 

* Short-term therapy (3-6 months) may be more appropriate for addressing a specific goal or issue.

* Long-term therapy (a year or longer) may be more appropriate for deep self-exploration, personal growth, or trauma work.

How long is a therapy session and why do you offer longer therapy sessions?

A typical therapy session lasts for 50 minutes. I offer longer, 80 minute sessions for those who may need more time. Longer sessions can be beneficial for several reasons:

1. If you are not able to come weekly a longer session will give you more time to catch up as well as time to process and debrief.

2. A longer session allows more time for more in-depth effective methods such as EMDR or IFS.

3. If it takes you a bit to warm up you may prefer a longer session.

4. If participating in couples therapy a longer session may provide needed time for additional processing.

What is your availability for appointments?

My availability is by appointment only. I offer morning, daytime and evening appointments during the week. At this time I do not offer weekend appointments. Call for a free 20-minute phone consultation. Finding the right fit is important for a successful therapeutic outcome. A consultation will give us a chance to talk about your needs and expectations. 

What is your cost per session?

Cost per session depends on the type of therapy and the length of time. Click here for more information on current therapy session rates.

Why don't you take insurance?

Good question. 

The short answer is, to offer clients more freedom and flexibility for care. For more information on the benefits of private pay click here.