Internal Family Systems (IFS)

What Is IFS?

Have you ever experienced inner conflict like "a part of me feels this way and a part of me feels that way?"

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is not family counseling, but more of the idea that we as individuals have a family living within us made up of different "parts." Internal Family Systems (IFS) provides a deep level of self-exploration. It embraces the concept that we are not made up of just one thing, but that we have multiplicity or "parts"  working within us. "Parts" engage with each other both in harmony and conflict (just like a real family!)

"It is the nature of the mind to be subdivided." Richard Schwartz (Founder of IFS)

Check out this trailer from the movie Inside Out. It is a great illustration of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and how our inner parts interact within ourselves and in relation to others.

How Does IFS Work?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is experiential work as opposed to talk therapy and addresses both the mind and body. It uses a mindful, somatic and present moment approach for increased self-understanding. 

We develop parts to survive and often parts can feel extreme and overwhelming. These parts or "protectors" often do not realize that we are now adults and are no longer in need of such a high level of assistance. 

When parts feel acknowledged and validated they begin to trust the Self which leads to a calmer nervous system. 

How Do I Know if I need IFS?

We ALL need Internal Family Systems (IFS)! Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is used for everything from trauma to developing professional confidence to gaining a deeper understanding and connection with yourself. 

Are you feeling bored or lost?

Do you feel unfulfilled in life?

Do you feel like you don't know who you are?

Are you living with uncomfortable symptoms that interfere in your ability to perform well at work or in school?

If you answered YES to any of these questions Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy may be the right treatment for you.

Why does IFS work?

When we dare to connect with our inner world we begin to cultivate love and acceptance for ourselves. The more connected we become to ourselves the more freedom it gives us to live with true intention and authenticity. When we embrace our authenticity it spreads into our relationships with others, providing more meaningful and deeper connection. Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy promotes authentic connection which often leads to greater life satisfaction.

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