Therapy for Anxiety & Panic Attacks in Beaverton


Are you Anxious?

Does it seem impossible to quiet racing thoughts?  Maybe you are feeling physically and mentally overwhelmed.  Do you have difficulty concentrating at work or school?  Is it difficult to quiet your mind when trying to sleep?  Are you often worried and agitated?  Do you feel easily overwhelmed by daily tasks?  Are you finding yourself often fearful that bad things will occur.  If this seems familiar to you, you may be struggling with anxiety.  General Symptoms of anxiety include:

* Feeling on edge or restless

* Easily Fatigued

* Difficulty with concentration

* Irritability

* Muscle Tension

* Sleep Disturbance


* General Anxiety

* Phobias

* Panic Attacks

* Social Anxiety


A Phobia is a type of anxiety that is related to a specific situation or thing such as fear of snakes or fear of flying in airplanes.  Phobias may not impact a person until a triggering situation arises such as a trip requiring travel by plane or an upcoming camping trip that may bring one in contact with snakes.  

Panic Attacks

A panic attack often feels like overwhelming physical distress, and a person may even feel like they are dying or having a heart attack.  Symptoms of panic attack include:

* Heart Palpitations

* Sweating

* Shaking or Trembling

* Choking Sensations

* Chest Pain

* Nausea or Abdominal Problems

* Dizzy or Lightheaded

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety may only occur when a person is required to engage with others on a social level, such as, attending a party or a networking event at work.  Those who struggle with social anxiety may find themselves isolated in an attempt to avoid the situation.  Relationship is a basic human need and social anxiety can create barriers that impact a person personally and professionally. 

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Therapy for Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic Attacks

Therapy can help!  Anxiety can prevent a person from truly engaging in life in a way that feels fulfilling.  Anxiety can leave a person feeling powerless, exhausted, and in some cases isolated. Learning to manage anxiety can free both the mind and body. Learn how to self-soothe, and begin calming your nervous system.  Learn to engage with your racing thoughts from a place of curiosity. Effective therapy for anxiety, phobias and panic attacks includes EMDR, somatic experiencing, and Internal Family Systems (IFS). 

Counseling for Anxiety in Beaverton, Tigard, and SW Portland

Counseling for Anxiety in Beaverton, Tigard, and SW Portland

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Counseling in Beaverton for Anxiety

Therapy for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Phobias in Beaverton, Oregon - Inner Insight Counseling LLC